Our Commitment to you

Quality is our Top Priority

Protect your brand with BAES AUTHENTIC label security features, ensuring your customers know they have a premium quality product in their hands.

All raw materials are tested for purity & potency upon arrival to our facility. We are committed to ensuring the quality, purity, and potency of every last bottle that comes off our manufacuring lines.

Baes Nutrition Labs is a FDA and GMP Certified Contract Manufacturing and Packaging facility located in sunny Miami, FL.

Quality Always Matters

pure Quality, Pure Satisfaction

Baes Nutrion Labs is a family-owned and operated contract manufacturing and packaging business established in Miami, FL. We are a GMP and FDA inspected facility with state of the art technology and capability.

With more than 5 years of experience making premium quality nutritional supplements, we’ve upgraded our facility to bring our customers the scaling capability of the largest manufacturers with the turnaround time and service of the leanest operations. 

Our facility maintains both temperature and humidity at levels that maximize stability and the integrity of your products and brand.

Our staff are dedicated to our vision of a customer-centric company that prioritizes service, safety, quality, and purity over everything else.

Have an idea you want to bring to life? We can help! We offer end-to-end brand development, distributon and logistics, marketing, and formulation services! Contact us to learn more.

Behind the scenes

Here at Baes, we like to be completely transparent with our clients about the entire process of building a supplement brand from scratch. The more the customer is involved in the entire process, the more satisfying it is for them to hold the finished result in their hands. That satisfaction is always our mission, but what does the process look like behind the scenes?

What goes into the process of making something like a pre-workout supplement? There are a number of steps to the process from idea to reality, but each is just as important as the next.